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Info Solutions Guru is not just a web servicing company but an information solutions provider; we build complete business information solutions to best manage and grow business. We look at every individual business and determine the most cost effective solutions for a businesses needs, whether it is a website or a more complex information solution. We do not look for the solution which is most profitable for us; we look for the solution which will accomplish the objectives needed at the lowest cost to our client. Bringing businesses into the information age is what we do at Info Solutions Guru. We use technology to help businesses sell and run more effectively. Below is a basic list of services, call for a more complete list. If an information management solution is needed, Info Solutions Guru can provide it. *Any prices stated below are speculative, every project has different challenges and will require a specialized quote.

Website Design & Development

From a basic banner page to a more complex customer information platform Info Solutions Guru provides the highest quality solution for the lowest price possible. We use pre-formatted templates to quickly design and build the solution needed by our client. This is the way we provide the lowest cost, we adjust a pre-formatted template to work for whatever project we encounter. Rare occasions do occur which require a fully customized build from top to bottom or front to back-end, Info Solutions Guru has you covered with the ability to design and build it all.

Basic Solutions:

 - Starting at $99 per page*

 - Sites range from $500 and up*

Advanced Solutions:

 - Starting at $99 per web application*

 - Sites range from $1500 and up*

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Full Website Servicing

From data management & updating to Search Engine Optimization, we are a full we servicer. We will build and manage your social media platforms, we will do it all. We will beat any quote for any web servicing project.

Data Management and Updating:

 - Starting at $25 per hour

Search Engine Optimization:

 - Starting at $99 per month + $15 per hour

Social Media Management:

 - Starting at $99 per platform per month

 - We can also build a custom page on websites to push information from websites to social platforms

Online Marketing Solutions:

 - Custom solutions to drive customers to the desired platform

 - Custom Quote Required - Due to varying client needs

Full Design Solutions:

 - From Business logos to custom images we can create any graphic need

 - Starting at $49 for a custom image

 - Starting at $249 for a vector logo

All services are not listed, call for a custom quote!!!

E-commerce Solutions

Info Solutions Guru provides a wide range of e-commerce solutions. We use the same philosophy as we do with website builds; we try to find the best pre-formatted template to keep the cost of the build as low as possible. This allows Info Solutions Guru to build the best e-commerce sites at the lowest cost in the industry. We lay all the options available out so our clients can choose the solution which meets budget and functionality goals. Let us design and build something for your company!

Basic E-commerce Solutions:

 - Start at $2000 for a full scale solution*

 - Sites range from $2000 and up*

Advanced Solutions

 - No basic quote available - At this level a custom quote is required

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Data Management & Modeling

Many companies have a need to model and manage the data of their customers, from Customer Relationship Management(CRM) to custom information management solutions. We offer a wide range of solutions at the right price. We can create custom phone applications to collect the data needed from customers.

The possibilities are endless...

Call for a Custom Quote*

Coming Soon

Full Cloud Servicing

In the near future Info Solutions Guru will offer a full range of solutions and technologies provided by the cloud. We are very close to obtaining Amazon Web Services Certification. The possibilities of what is possible to create are endless. Check back for more information soon.

Smart Phone Applications

We have the right tools to build a custom smartphone app. From simple banner apps to more advanced information management applications. We have the solutions you need at the right price.

Call for a Custom Quote*

Business Financial Management Solutions

These solutions are something our company offers as an answer to a gap in the market. We have discovered that low cost financial management solutions near impossible to find. We build and manage easy financial management solutions for all size companies. We have found them most useful to Non-profit companies which would like to minimize financial management costs to maximize the money available for company goals. We have solutions for all unique situations.

Financial Management Solutions:

 - Start at $99 per financial account*

 - Solutions range from $200 and up

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